Apr 27, 2012

I can´t wait!

Some lucky people have fabulous jobs, going on "inspiration trips", to amazing hotels in great metropoles. I don´t. For the moment I am at home taking care of our baby son (a job that I love doing though), and blogging. Sometimes I do wish I had this fab job with an upcoming "inspiration trip" (with three young kids, who doesn´t dream of that some days...?) So I decided that this upcoming family trip to New York is going to be "my own little fabulous inspiration trip". As inspiration for both inner and outer beauty, to bring back home.

There are new pre scheduled posts every day here at the blog, and of course I will post extra inspiration from NY, so don´t forget to look in. Take care!

HAPPY Friday!

{Images 1-2. from Goin´Coastal 3. via Pinterest further source unknown}


  1. PLS can u do me a favour. if you see Tracy Anderson cardiowork trampoline DVD....please, i cant wait to try it. If i were u, id visit her studio at Manhattan.

  2. i always find your blog inspiring. Have an amazing trip to nyc! xO! happy friday!

  3. Åh! LYX! Jag ser fram emot att läsa det du skriver.
    Ha det fab! Kram

  4. Det låter som ett bra beslut :). Jag hoppas att du blir alldeles full med inspirtation och att ni har det riktigt, riktigt bra! Kram Jennifer

  5. Have a fabulous trip and enjoy you inner-outer beauty!!!

  6. Haha, jag har likadana önskningar! Vem vet vad framtiden har att erbjuda oss! :)
    Du får inspirera mig med din resa så länge, ha det riktigt fab!

    Kram Tess