Apr 28, 2012

A chill out spot

This season is perfect for having the living room outside, if the weather is ok with that:) This roof is a great alternative to get some warmth and just a little sun, but you are still in the shadow. And the sofa, it´s long enough to lie down for a power nap...

Enjoy your weekend!

{Image from Pinterest/Frenchbydesign}


  1. Så mycket härliga bilder du visar, ser ju bara så underbart ut! Ha en riktigt bra helg! Kram Jennifer

  2. Oh gosh, wouldnt it be just sublime to be living in a location where you could get away with an outdoor living room? Aaaaaah, the closest thing to heaven on earth I would say :P The image is seriously making me crave for Summer again haha, seems like we didnt even have one here in NA lol.

    Hope you've had a fab weekend too hun ^_^

    Eeli xo

  3. Åh, kära nån! Den uteplatsen vill jag ha. Precis den vill jag ha. Så himla fin!

  4. Tenk hvis, vi holder på å lage en uteplass nå i hagen vår i Oslo... jeg er inspirert.

  5. Oh wow. I would love to have an outdoor living room space in the summer. To lounge in the sun on a cosy sofa with a good book sounds so appealing right about now.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    C x

    1. Yes I will start following soon, for the moment away in New York but so look forward to explore your blog! Take care!

  6. Wow, så läckert! Där kan jag tänka mig att chilla i soffan och bara njuta:)!

    kram CC

  7. ÅHH vad mysig uteplats:) Känner för att ligga och läsa där hela dagen lång.
    Jag önskar en kanonvecka med mycket vårsol:)

    LOVE M

  8. The space definitely embodies what a "chill out spot" should be. I love comfort and ambiance of those big floor pillows.
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  9. This place would experience 100% awesome nap. This is very relaxing place. The design and the furniture were all unique and perfect for the ambiance.

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  10. This place looks so cozy and relaxing, it's the perfect place for a vacation break.

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