Jan 21, 2014

Oh, just take me there! [JK PLACE CAPRI]

"The handsomest hotel in Europe 
and as glossy as a shiny apple." 
TATLER Travel guide

Capri. Just the name sounds tempting. The beautiful little island Capri in the Italian archipelago is truly magical. Having only been once to Capri I know I have to go back. Days like this, when the temperature is below zero, we´re entitled to a little day dreaming. This is the hotel that I would check into immediately. JK Place Capri. Like all hotels with self-respect there is a spa worthy a goddess, offering treatments like "Holistic total body ritual". This hotel also has something so unusual as special spa treatments for children. Have a look at the stunning view and the fantastic interior.


[Images from JK PLACE HOTEL used as PR]