Jan 21, 2014

Oh, just take me there! [JK PLACE CAPRI]

"The handsomest hotel in Europe 
and as glossy as a shiny apple." 
TATLER Travel guide

Capri. Just the name sounds tempting. The beautiful little island Capri in the Italian archipelago is truly magical. Having only been once to Capri I know I have to go back. Days like this, when the temperature is below zero, we´re entitled to a little day dreaming. This is the hotel that I would check into immediately. JK Place Capri. Like all hotels with self-respect there is a spa worthy a goddess, offering treatments like "Holistic total body ritual". This hotel also has something so unusual as special spa treatments for children. Have a look at the stunning view and the fantastic interior.


[Images from JK PLACE HOTEL used as PR]


  1. Har aldrig varit på Capri, men det ser ju onekligen lockande ut. Fast plånboken håller kanske inte med =)
    Tack för tipset på ansiktsmask. Ska prova det! Allt som funkar är jag pro

  2. På Capri finnes tidenes Spa/helseklinikk/fitness/bodydesignsenter, did u know?

  3. Ohhh! I wanna go too! Looks so beautiful! :)


  4. THat is sooo gorgeous, I need to be there right now! I am freezing here!

  5. Its a fab place, I wanna be there right now!

  6. Wish i could go to a place like this!
    ★ blog

  7. That place is a dream! We went to Capri three years ago and we just loved it!

  8. Capri is a wonderful place + that hotel looks great + thanks for coming to my site today + leaving a sweet comment. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  9. Ja tack, dit kan jag också tänka mig att åka.

  10. My goodness, DO TAKE ME NOW! You know, I love the water, and I had been dreaming it for years, practically every night. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I had access to the beaches. Then I lived in Boston, so I was just literally a side street away from the ocean. But living in the midwest now for 18 years has caused me to yearn for the water. However, this Christmas, I flew back to L.A. and immediately drove to Santa Monica to see the ocean. Since then, I have not dreamed the water! But I am a water girl all the way, and Capri, The Riviera and other shorelines are my dream destinations!

    There is true beauty here, and I thank you so much for coming over to visit me and leaving a comment! Enjoy your evening, Anita

  11. These images are making me swoon. Capri! I adore Italy but have never been that far south. Lucky you to have visited once at least. A little slice of heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing. xx

  12. Right! I would love to visit Capri one day. Stunning images! XO

  13. Hur fint som helst!!! Tack för fin inspiration... som vanligt :) Kram