Aug 26, 2016

Pomellato Nudo Collection Rings

My catalogue...

One of my favourite colours in "Prasiolite" - Image from

Oh how I want these. All of them. They are so lovely you just want to eat them. Kind of. A few years ago the Pomellato Nudo Collection Rings were hot hot hot in demand. Now when the then hype seem to have settled a little, these go straight to the classics. And maybe now it´s a better time than ever? The problem is that the different colours are all so lovely, it´s seriously hard to choose, if you get to that...Pomellato has also rather recently introduced a smaller version of the Nudo ring, which makes decision even harder since you now also need to choose size. Good thing is the sizes also go well together. Keep inspired and keep looking for the beauty in life anyway. Even if it is only from a photo. These go straight on my list, I know for sure.

Jun 28, 2016

Clinique Smart Treatment Oil and Chubby stick - review

Recently I have found two new favourites from Clinique. The Smart Treatment Oil is just amazing and gives a more dewy skin and overall feeling. When applied it goes straight in, and I even use it a little bit up under the eye area. I have always been dry on the surface under the eye, but this actually does help, a lot. In the morning I definitely see that the skin is more hydrated and e.g my concealer smooths in better. The other new friend is the Chubby Stick as portable foundation. Very smart on the go. Glides on easily and perfect for a quick touch up during day or when going out after work. 


May 19, 2016

A "manageable" castle

Beautiful architecture 
The castle from the back.
Sleep tight in matching everything (kind of love that in a country house).
Except from the gorgeous Magnolia, this is a great pool house that I presume can be opened up on hot summer days.

IF you were ever longing to buy a castle in the south of Sweden, this might be it. An absolutely beautiful and in its' size very "manageable" castle with its 675 sqm. Kastberga castle was  built in 1899 by Fabian Gustaf Wrede. The castle also comes with a private tennis court and indoor lap pool. Very tempting...

More info and images from Skånegårdar.