Aug 26, 2016

Pomellato Nudo Collection Rings

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One of my favourite colours in "Prasiolite" - Image from

Oh how I want these. All of them. They are so lovely you just want to eat them. Kind of. A few years ago the Pomellato Nudo Collection Rings were hot hot hot in demand. Now when the then hype seem to have settled a little, these go straight to the classics. And maybe now it´s a better time than ever? The problem is that the different colours are all so lovely, it´s seriously hard to choose, if you get to that...Pomellato has also rather recently introduced a smaller version of the Nudo ring, which makes decision even harder since you now also need to choose size. Good thing is the sizes also go well together. Keep inspired and keep looking for the beauty in life anyway. Even if it is only from a photo. These go straight on my list, I know for sure.


  1. I LOVE this brand so much especially these rings.They remind me of little sweets for the fingers. Like you, I would never be able to decide on just ONE colour (that's the genius of them I think ;-)

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