Dec 22, 2015

Loving it! New cleansing procedure

A while ago I finally got around to try a new cleansing for the face, something that was much needed in my case. I have read so much lately about the brand BABOR, but actually never tried it. My criteria for new cleansing products was that is has to be all-in-one, face and eyes. I know, this is not preferable, but knowing myself I´m all about time saving strategies. Although I would like to have all the benefits...I also have been experiencing dryness under my eyes, which was another reason to search for a cleanser that does not dry out that delicate are. I do think I have found bliss in these two combined products...And it is a super simple procedure. You take four drops of the oil HY-ÖL, rub it all over the face, then add two drops of the Photoactive Reactivating, rub gently together and then splash it off with water. I was sceptical to the oil, especially for the eyes, and then to actually feel clean afterwards. Let me tell you, this takes it all off, even heavy mascara. So easy to use and the look and feel afterwards is pure, clean healthy skin. This just works, so well that I don´t really need to look into the details so much, you know when you know.