May 12, 2015

Bliss at SPA: Upper House

The outdoor bubble pool, overlooking the city of Gothenburg. Here you can actually see the traffic under you, while sitting in the pool (and the bubbles are not on:)
I especially liked the broad bench to lie on in this hot pool...

...while overlooking this view.

Great design details, for e.g hanging up your robe while taking a dip

The Turkish bath (not me however covered in bubbles)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Upper House SPA in Gothenburg, while I was there on business. This was the absolute perfect relaxation after a long day filled with meetings. I had a few hours of alone time, just absorbing the ambience and tranquility of this great SPA. The best part of Upper House SPA are the many different pools, at least for a bather like me. When you enter the SPA area of the hotel you are warmly greeted and encouraged to pick out a theme for your SPA experience. You can go either Oriental or Swedish West Coast. I had a huge problem choosing, of course, but landed in the West Coast for me after a few professional advices. You then get products according to your chosen theme to bring into the SPA. Brilliant, who doesn't love a DIY SPA? You choose how to spend your time and when to use the products, but if you prefer guidance there are instructions how-to, when and where in the SPA. I went on an early Friday evening, which normally sees many visitors, but on my occasion it was very calm, I guess I was lucky and it was just what I needed. If you´re in Gothenburg and just need a couple of hours of relaxation, head to the Upper House SPA and you will feel renewed in senses and very clean afterwards. I also stayed for a glass of wine in the relaxing area of the SPA, flickering through a huge pile of magazines overlooking the city of Gothenburg and watching the evening come. 

The details:
Gothia Towers Hotel