Apr 2, 2015

Daily makeup saviors

Some of my favourites in my makeup bag that I´m currently using, these all from Clinique;
Loving the newly launched sculpting blush in the perfect for Spring colour Defining Nectars. This is a really good blush since it can be built up in an easy way and has this perky peach colour we want after a dull Winter. On a daily basis, e.g. getting ready for the office, I normally don´t use a highlighter, much because I don´t have the time for it and it just feels like too much effort in the week. With the new genius Chubby stick in Sculpting Highlight there are no excuses, since this is super duper easy to get some highlighting glow in one simple step. I have the long last glosswear in several different colours, much because it´s actually one of the best and longest staying glosses on the market, and I tend to buy this over and over again. And finally, the Chubby stick eyeshadow in the rare colour Lots o´latte, mainly online exclusive. This is one of the best brownish colours available for blue eyes (I´ve tried a few, to say the least..), since it has no trace of reddish in it, just a plain shimmery light brown that is actually pretty perfect. I tend to have oily eyelids so I always wear this over a primer. I love having reliable products in my makeup bag, and these were a few of them that save the day.