Mar 9, 2015

Happify your home

It´s not only you that shall be happy. Your home is also in need of a little TLC (and will have a positive effect back on your happiness:) ELLE Decor shares 5 easy tricks how to get a happy home;

1. Bring greenery inside
Studies have found that greenery can enhance creativity, as it symbolizes abundance and calm.

2. Freshen up what's on your fridge
Clean off what has been there for years, then pin new photographs, lists or memories. Or just keep it clear.

3. Play the most joyful song you can think of
Being in your home with music can make wonders for the soul and heart.

4. Play "closet roulette"
Pull out something from the depths of your closet and use it in an outfit. You'll either find you forgot how much you loved it or you realize to waste precious closet space on that item anymore.

5. Live in your beautiful mess
Don't stress about cleaning up all the time. See the mess as a passing snapshot of a life. Take in this moment, and love your as-is mess for being yours.

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Image from Pinterest via The Entertaining House