Mar 23, 2015

Ending the week to start a new week

Hotel D'angleterre in Copenhagen always has the most beautiful entrance. This entrance hall table is always styled accordingly to season. 
This Lilac reminds us that Spring is actually around the corner. 
Beautifully set table for e.g wedding or formal dinner party.

There are few treats that I like more than Summerbird's organic flö served for a wedding reception or party. 
Dance in Valentino.
Ended a perfect Sunday with my family with a late lunch at favourite Copenhagen restaurant Victors; Eggs Benedict Royal with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 
How to start a new week? For me it´s a lot about ending a week in a good way to go into the new week in good spirits and motivation. Yesterday we did a family day in Copenhagen, having lunch at one of our favourite restaurants Victors and attended a luxury wedding exhibition at beautiful hotel D'angleterre. Now I'm ready for another week, having spent the weekend with my loved ones invigorating all senses (e.g attended an after work thing and dinner out with fabulous girls, taking a fantastic but hard body combat class, cooking (trying out new recipes...) for my husband, taking a long bath with a meditative session, great afternoon tea and scones with close friends, watching HBO eating ice cream and simply enjoying the company of my children to sum it up). Bring it on new week and happy Monday!