Mar 17, 2015

Bliss in the snow

My ride to the top...

There´s something very tranquil and meditative with the Swedish mountains
My favourite hotel is Åre's oldest hotel, Åregården, although recently renovated.

Last week we took the family for a week of skiing in Swedish mountain resort Åre. I´ve been to Åre so many times it´s impossible to say, coming there only 6 months old the first time. This makes up for a lot of happy and fantastic memories during childhood until now, also something that I want to give to my children. We had a fantastic week, with great weather for several days and snow during night. With young children you cannot ski all day after ski school and time in the slopes we hit the bubble pool belonging to the apartment or went to larger pools in the village hotels. I also had time for some shopping and most of all, eating great food. Everywhere in Åre there is a great restaurant. Since we have a toddler we ate lunch at the restaurants in the slopes every day, and went to after skii in the afternoon (brilliant concept after skii). Later in the evening we mostly ordered take out from many of the great restaurants, e.g Supper and Dahlboms, eating great food (and I didn´t have to cook:) in the comfort of our home. Åre has many great hotels as well, with Åregården being one of my absolut favourites, having stayed there several times. It recently got a design make over and I must admit it´s even better. The typical cosy mountain hotel with extra comfort where you can hide from the rest of the world and every day problems. I must check in there soon. Even though I don´t tend to go to Åre year round, I have been in the fall, and this is an absolutely amazing time in fascinating nature.

Hotel Åregården
Dahlbom på torget
Skistar Åre

Images from Åregården and my own