Jan 20, 2015

4 Steps for success

1 Dream (But Don’t Stop There)
Everything starts with a dream. But if that’s all you do, you’re in serious trouble. Also, having a positive attitude is an explicit requirement, because a negative attitude makes us more likely to quit — or to never even begin in the first place. But when that positive attitude becomes a constant habit of fantasizing, things go south really quick. Yes, that’s right, tirelessly dreaming about success is not constructive. (A dream requires some work, as I wise person once told me.)

2 Aim for a specific outcome
This part isn’t too difficult. You just need to take your dream and crystalize it. Be ultra-specific. So if “making more money” is your dream, your desired outcome might be “get a raise at my next annual performance review.” Dreaming of a better work-life balance? Your outcome could be “A daily work schedule that allows me to be free every afternoon at 4 P.M. sharp and off during weekends.”

3 Visualize your obstacles ahead of time
We call this “mental contrasting.” You need to consciously think about the obstacles that could potentially prevent you from achieving your desired outcome.

4 Use self-inquiry to build actionable “if-then” responses for overcoming your obstacles
Mental contrasting is so helpful because it directly weighs dreams against realities. It basically stress-tests your desired outcomes. In other words, questioning your dreams leads to insights about how to proceed with them in the real world.

"Successful people are successful because they take action."

Based on content from Marc & Angel where you can read the whole text.