Nov 17, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk | Stop postponing happiness & success [A SIMPLE HOW TO]

Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley

Today with the whole world online, it´s more accessible than ever for everyone with a great idea to launch their own business. One of the really successful people creating an online business is Vishen Lakhiani, founder of the cool company Mindvalley Insights. He in his turn has his own mentor and strategic coach, Dan Sullivan, who has coined a theory called "The Reverse Gap", which aims to train you to bridge the gap between success and happiness now and in the future.

Although it´s great to be ambitious and bold, it´s also dysfunctional to postpone your happiness. "If only I can reach that goal I will be...". The problem according to Dan Sullivan is that we keep creating new sets of goals, meaning we´ll never actually reach our goals and therefore is postponing our happiness to the future constantly. Dan Sullivan means that instead of looking only to the future, we should also have a look back in time, called the "Reverse Gap". It´s very simple. When you wake up in the morning, and throughout the work day, just remember where you were two years ago, rather than thinking who do you want to be or where do you want to be two years from now. Instead think of and celebrate how much you have accomplished in the last two years. When you can do that you are able to create happiness in the now. This will not only get you more happy but also more stress-free and have you working in a flow, hence more successful. An important factor in this is to be grateful. Think of the reverse gap and where you are today. According to a UCLA study people who trained themselves to appreciate and be grateful for the reverse gap, a couple of minutes every day, were 25% more happy than the control group. So, whatever you do for a living, celebrate yourself and where you have come from in the last two years, starting today.

I love this simple reverse thinking since it´s too easy to just focus forward and forget to celebrate what you have accomplished, like it´s nothing. And happy in the now, isn´t that what we all really want?

See the four minute video with Vishen Lakhiani explaning the "Reverse Gap" here.

[Image via Pinterest from Mindvalley]