Nov 6, 2014

I´m thinking kitchen

This must be one of the cosiest kitchen ever. Can easily see this room being the heart of the house. Love the marble island. And the sofa. Oh, and all the books. 
After much consideration I have, almost, decided this to be the colour of the cupboards. Could be the perfect kitchen white, not too cold, not too vanilla but yet crispy. A happy white I would say. 
Loving the layout of this huge kitchen, and the windows.
Loving the marble island and also the greenery in the windows (copy paste)
Very elegant and classic. Adore the grey colour but have almost landed in not going for grey...this however, makes me think it over once again...
It´s time for a kitchen makeover at our house. We have already done it twice, half-hearted that is. This time it will be a much bigger project, hence the inspiration photos to go with here...With three kids in the house it has to serve as the heart of the house, which frankly our kitchen does not today. So, hopefully it will later on...

Photos from 1) and all the rest from La Dolce Vita