Nov 3, 2014

7 Business tips to make you happy

Maria Shriver's excellent site "Powered by inspiration" tells you how to find joy in business. Here are seven tips from author Simone Milasas how to do business and be happy.

1 BE HAPPY/DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE – Money follows JOY. Joy does not follow money. Choose happiness now and money will come. If you are doing something you love – the money will show up.

2 DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF – If you judge yourself in an unproductive way, you limit what can show up. Not judging means functioning from a space of possibility.

3 PUT 10% OF YOUR EARNINGS AWAY – Ten percent of every dollar you earn, every day you earn it, and DON’T spend it. It’s about honoring you. Not your bills.

4 BE WILLING TO BE SUCCESSFUL – If you have a fear or unwillingness to be successful, when you get there, you won’t actually let it happen.

5 OUTSOURCE WHAT YOU’RE BAD AT – If there’s a task involved in your business, like bookkeeping or social media, you are terrible at or hate doing, hire it out.

6 MAKING THE DEMAND – Do whatever it takes to get out of debt, make your business work for you, have fun or make it happen. Y

7 BE YOU – You are the source of your success. You create everything in your life. When you’re being you in totality, you change the world by offering your gifts and talents.

Read the whole article by Simone Milasas here.