Oct 8, 2014

Staying power [eyeshadow]

I am always on the look for eyeshadows with staying power. Mostly because I have oily eyelids and spend a lot of time in front of my computer, which seems to make all makeup go away during the day...also because while I do like to take time to make myself ready in the morning, I do have three kids to also get ready and hence I´ve got to keep it simple and reliable. I just want the best products that actually do what they say. This is where my latest find comes in. MAC Paint Peintures in colour Bamboom (or if you want just slightly lighter colour the Sublime Nature is so good too). A creamy eyeshadow that actually stays on, and on, and on...it has such great staying power that many tend to use it as a primer, which it´s also perfect for. But this colour is also a perfect beige-brown colour with a hint of golden shimmer, goes with everything to everything. And if you want to bring out blue or green coloured eyes even more for the evening, this works wonders with MAC eyeshadow "Amber lights" as well. So if you want a neutral eyeshadow with one of the best staying powers I´ve experienced, this is a really good one.