Oct 23, 2014

Happiness in the moment

Let´s continue on the happiness path since the Robert Holdens' Be happy in 8 days has come to an end. One of the things I personally have experienced and learned a lot from, is to be present in the moment. Which I never really was earlier I realised later. I was always a semester a head at University, barely focusing on what I was studying now but what to choose next semester. Always a weekend ahead, the next vacation etc etc. Living in the future, or in the past (have to admit to that one too, being a nostalgic person by nature) takes you from the present moment where life actually happens. Where the happiness is found. Just by being more present. Today I couldn´t agree more with Eckhart Tolles "the power of now" and I can highly recommend the concept it if you haven´t landed in it yet.

Image from Pinterest