Sep 18, 2014

On being 40ish

Kelly Rutherford, 40 ish and fab

"The modern 40s are so busy it’s hard to assess them. Researchers describe the new “rush hour of life,” when career and child-rearing peaks collide. Today’s 40ish professionals are the DITT generation: double income, toddler twins." As a mother of three children with the youngest being three years old, and me being 42 these days, I really enjoyed reading this article by Pamela Druckerman in NY Times where she reflects on being 40ish today, with both insight and humour. Head over here to read the whole article. I also liked the small tips she gave "gleaned from four decades of experience:)

- Do not buy those too-small jeans, on the expectation that you will soon lose the weight. 

- If you are invited to lunch with someone who works in the fashion industry, do not wear your most "fashionable" outfit. Wear black.

- If you like the outfit on the mannequin, buy exactly what´s on the mannequin. Do not try to recreate the same look by yourself. "