Sep 8, 2014

How to be a rock star entrepreneur

There are many things an entrepreneur needs to be successful, or in work life in general. One of the things that stand out is confidence. Here are seven tips from how to be a rock star leader on your way to success. Go to to read the whole article for more tips.

1 Know yourself
Realize what you're awesome at and what you're not. Be confident about the skills and capabilities you possess and focus on those. Hire people to handle the rest.

2 Set reasonable expectations
Even rock star leaders are bound to fail when they hold themselves to unreasonable expectations.

3 Ditch the negativity
Negativity and confidence don't go together.

4 Dress for success
Don't just act the part - look it. Dressing sharp can improve the way others see you as well as the way you see yourself.

5 Act without hesitation
Whatever it is, just go for it. If you're feeling unsure about the same action over and over again, ask yourself what's holding you back

6 Prepare yourself
don't go into a meeting without doing your homework.

7 Don´t let over-confidence hinder your success
Not only can over-confidence be a turn off for others, it can blind you to important changes you need to make at your company. 

Text source:  photo: Pinterest via Breakfast at Yurmans