Jul 4, 2014

Bon Weekend

Happy summer weekend! What are you up to? I´m having my first day of the summer vacation, still not really in that relaxed mood, but I´m certain I´ll get there after a couple of days. For now I´m taking our three kids to the beach, which is the best summer therapy, hanging there with the rest of my family and friends. Probably too cold to take a swim, although I can still brag having swimmed in the ocean a few weeks ago, so the pressure is off:) That will definitely be followed by a long nice dinner with fresh grilled vegetables, chilled rosé and staying out in the evening sun, until its all of a sudden gets freezing cold, those Swedish summer nights...Saturday my husband and I are attending a black tie 40´s bash, still not having figured out what to wear...luckily I have a few good timeless pieces that I still love so will go for a safe choice and recycle. But I do look forward to spend some grown up time having a ball. Have the best weekend you too!

And, since it´s the weekend let´s celebrate with this gorgeous floral ice bucket, which actually can be done at home (I still need to try it out myself though) with this great tuitorial.


  1. Sounds perfect and a great start for your vacay!

    We are in a serious 4th of July mood, the plans include beach, lobster and a lot of stars and stripes. This is my first 4th as an American!


  2. Oh how wonderful does your vacation sound......I can almost hear the waves!! p.s. I would love you to check out my blog sometime xx