Jul 27, 2014

Beach life...still on

I´ve always loved the beach. But this year it has gotten into my soul. Just feeling the warm sand under my feet gives a piece of relaxation and rest. 

The other day we went home after a long day at the beach, made a huge picknick, brought a bunch of friends and kids and spent the evening on the beach (however changed side of the beach to catch the sun set).
And made a cozy fire when the darkness came.

I´ve sort of checked out from reality, at least it feels like that. As a Swede, we´re not really used to these incredible summers like the one we´re experiencing now. It never seems to end. Every day waking up to sunshine and taking the family to the favourite beach meeting up with friends is a bliss. So excuse me for being such a lazy blogger for the moment. When the fall comes, things get back to normal. Now I´m enjoying the last days of vacation before going back to work. And I do hope you´re enjoying your days as well!