Jun 25, 2014

This seems promising [serum]

I might have a new favourite in my skin routine...Having used the newly launched Clinique Smart custom-repair serum for the last two weeks I say might, because it takes longer to really evaluate a product, but that said, I do believe having a new best friend on my shelf. What I like a lot about this serum is the simplicity, getting almost every problem area there is to target in one bottle. It´s said to firm, reduce wrinkles, uneven skin tone, brighten dark spots, help acne scars, dullness and loss of elasticity. All in one, applied mornings and evenings before your normal routine. I especially look for two dark spots on my face to test and I do believe they´re already slightly less dark...According to Clinique this targets damage you see, and damage you don´t see, the latter which will eventually surface. Something I am all about, preventing and taking daily action, doing what I can with good products so that less will surface...