May 27, 2014

Words to live by [literally]

These word will actually start off my day today, trying to do them all. What kicked this was a night of excellent sleep. You know when you wake up and realise that this is how good sleep feels like...a reminder to take responsibility for better sleep. It all starts there. I don´t know why it´s so hard to get into bed at night, having ten thousand things left to do. And some more episodes on Netflix. And that great book to read. All research shows that sleep affects almost everything in life, from diseases to performance to happiness. So from today on I will try to take sleep more seriously. Having a day off from work today might result in decluttering the bedroom as well, another fact for better sleep. Now I´m off to the gym and then on with the rest of the list. Hope you find some inspiration in this list too.


  1. I love these words too Caroline and I totally agree that sleep is one of the massive necessities. How I wish I could go to bed and sleep throughout the night, that is my nemesis... I don't even have a problem going to bed early and doing all that I can... I just don't sleep :(... I keep working at it... one day I will have that rested feeling... Have a great day :)

  2. Very true words and yes, having enough sleep definitely helps. x

  3. I am trying!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Caroline dear-I'm just catching up after a crazy week. Your words really resonate with me. I've just had a sleep study for oxygen dep when I sleep. It's not pretty....more on that later...but I know how much better we feel with a great night's sleep. It's been awhile for me. Great post!
    Happy weekend darling!
    xx, Heather