May 13, 2014

A closer look at Fabiana Filippi

Very close to buying this yesterday...will think about it for a few days but it was gorgeous in real life and a classic piece for many years to come
Sort of like this top as well...
Yesterday I found a new fashion interest. The Italian Fabiana Filippi, which I have seen many times but never really thought much more about. That is until I fell in love with the mink coloured jacket yesterday...Fabiana Filippi is an exclusive brand, but when buying classic pieces I like to invest more to keep them for many years to come and to mix with high street fashion. Fabiana Filippi does classic pieces with a twist, there´s always a twist to count on. Look at the clothes and you´ll find a detail here or there to spice it up a little bit. I know I will have a closer look at this brand this coming weekend when I´m going on a mini break (have already located the store in fact:).