May 5, 2014

5 Things you´re saying that brings you down [replace with...]

We all know that thoughts influence our feelings. Words can also have a strong impact on how we feel. Some words we tend to use are set on auto pilot and we´re not always aware of how negative they can be. We mostly think about the words we share with others, but we shall also think carefully when choosing words talking to ourselves. Here are some common phrases we tend to use, and what we could replace them with for a happier life.

1. What if?
This is often related to fear.
Replace with; What if it all turns out ok?

2. I can´t.
This is holding back your productivity. Stop using immediately.
Replace with: It´s a good experience for me and it will make me stronger.

3. How could you_________? 
This is mostly ego based.
Replace with: Think about how the other person feels and how it looks from his/her point of view.

4. Always. Never. Worst. Ever.
All words of a drama queen, which tend to make every problem worse.
Replace with: Words that focus on positive possibilities like sometimes, maybe, occasionally

5. Why?
This word could cause frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment.
Replacement: When questioning people, think about why before since this puts people on the defensive.

These tips come from for inspiration for a happier life where you can read the whole article. Happify uses science to create a happier life. Go check it out here.