Apr 17, 2014

Words to live by

I think these words are very accurate and true. This year I have finally let go of a lot of things that were sort of just hanging on there, since a long time. It could for e g be a dream, or a prior goal, that I had been holding on to for too long, only to realise I actually don´t want that anymore, at all. Such a relief to realise that you can adjust your goals and dreams along the way, and that it is ok to do so. And a lot of this has to do with realising that you cannot change everything. "It is what it is" has been my mantra so far this year, and that my friends has been a huge relief in itself, to not fight so hard to change stuff. Just find your flow and go with it and let go of the other stuff, it is what it is, at least for a while.