Apr 7, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk | Sleep [Arianna Huffington]

Sleep is not only for beauty. Happiness and performance are closely linked to sleep as well. Hugely successful Arianna Huffington had an abrupt wake up during her success train realising how important sleep was for her success as well. So last year she gave her friends ordinary alarm clocks for Christmas gifts to give them better sleep habits, e g so they would´t charge their phone by their bed, which is highly common and especially among multitasking women (myself included). "Because I run a 24-7 media company, I´ve seen the dangers of burnout and addiction to instant access. The results of unplugging and recharging are just immeasurable" Arianna Huffington told Harpers Bazaar. Huffington even introduced nap rooms to the websites headquarters. Her personal tips for a restorative slumber includes hot baths (yes, already doing that and I agree it definitely helps promoting good sleep), a silk pajamas and limiting screen time before bed (the latter one I´m not so god at, but, definitely trying to and this made me think about it even more.) So, sleep for success!

[Image via pinterest via melissamercier.com]


  1. I have tried many of these, I do understand the need for sleep, our bodies need to recharge. I haven't had anything resembling sleep for over six months, I would call what I do napping... usually no more that 2-3 hours at a time, usually 2 ...

    I realize I cannot continue you this way... without falling totally apart.. so yes sleep is essential. (I am seeing someone about this issue)

    Have a really great week ahead :)

  2. I watched Arianna's interview with Marie Forleo on this very topic (can be found on You Tube). Highly recommend it. I will certainly be buying her new book which I believe focuses more on this very topic.Still haven't managed to unplug from technology 2 hours before going to sleep :-(

  3. Sleep for success - totally believe in that. Unfortunately my sleep has been so so lately. I will try some new routines, skip checking emails and social media och just read and relax before turning the lights out.