Apr 3, 2014

Cashmere for S/S

A relaxed Doutzen Kroes enjoys an evening at the beach

While it´s still a while until summer is upon us, spring is definitely here. I have already started to think about a transition wardrobe, since this is the time to keep warm but still wear a lot less clothes to get that feeling of spring. So, I always turn to cashmere (along with many other bloggers like super successful Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere who loves to mix hers with different textures), it doesn´t matter if it´s winter or summer, there´s always room for cashmere in my wardrobe. The other day I did something highly unusual to be me. I fell for leather pants (inspired by Balmains iconic leather trousers) a trend that I haven´t made mine until now (don´t ask me why it took so long). Considering the good price (the leather is obviously not real) I had nothing to loose I thought. These will be perfect when styled with cashmere sweaters and scarves, a classic look with an edge that is always right. And super model Doutzen Kroes, who´s the new face of Repeat Cashmere, models it as well on instagram as on the beach. Inspired by this, my next move will be to add cashmere pants, why haven´t I thought about that before...