Apr 10, 2014

Before and after [a grand restauration]

Such a fantastic ceiling! I love everything here (ok except for the pillars, not my thing)...but have a look how this room looked before the renovation...
A good start, but a bit plain compared to the new result
A modern kitchen, and this is the old one. Apparently the owners here wanted it a bit more...
...รก la French country chic, very homey. 
See more photos from this fantastic renovation project in an old apartment regained its rightful elegance in Architectural Digest.

[Images from Architechtural Digest. Photographer Luke White.]


  1. Such gorgeous images. I much prefer the homely kitchen to the sleek black version (which reminds me more of an upmarket restaurant than I place to relax with family and friends).
    Lovely images Caroline.
    Happy weekend xx

  2. Elegant indeed...what a fantastic project!
    Happy Weekend xx