Apr 1, 2014

A blue season [FASHION]

LOVE this already sold out (there might be a refill though) from Balmain inspired by the 90s
Boyfriend jeans from hip brand Frame

Classic staple of jeans from Current Elliot

Trendy version of skinny jeans from Frame

Classic shirt in a great wash from H&M

This spring we´re all feeling blue. Not that blue, denim blue. It´s everywhere from shoes (Acne has done a great pair of pumps in denim landing in stores soon) to dresses to jeans. It seems like all  models are right for jeans this season. There´s a huge selection of flairs, to skinny to jeans with details like patches and stitches. The other day I saw my friend in a pair of boyfriend jeans from hip new Swedish brand Frame, already favoured by many celebrities. I must admit that even though I´ve never been into boyfriend jeans I might have to rethink that. This was a great pair with a slimming effect, so might have to look into that...as well.


  1. I've never heard of the brand before - thank you for sharing! And the second look... So gorgeous... Could easily wear it head to toe (and most likely will do soon :) )

  2. I must say that I live in boyfriend jeans and withe button down shirts!! My favorite go too!