Mar 27, 2014

Words to live by

Note to self; practice on being present, and enjoying the moment. I love the title of a Swedish book by Jonas Gardell, which freely translated goes something like this; "And there goes another day of our lives never coming back..." For some reason this title sticked to me, although having not even read the book. It´s simply just a great reminder, although a bit melancholic, that life goes by so fast and that all day counts. And this day, this particularly Thursday, will never come back again for any of us. So let´s go and make something beautiful out of it. I will try too, even if it´s only something small. But when I go to bed tonight I will think of that. Hope you find something beautiful in your Thursday too. 


  1. This is so true... so many of us are living for the next day, not even enjoying the moment... it is always wonderful to have a reminder, I write in my gratitude journal and I find that helps me to be present... :) Have a great day ;)

  2. Great advice! I try hard to enjoy the moment. So often we are looking too far ahead.