Mar 19, 2014

Top 5 Concealers [well, according to me]

Clarins Instant Concealer
Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer

Clinique all about eyes concealer 

Nars Radiant Creamy concealer

Estée Lauder Ideal Light
Few things are more important than a good concealer when it comes to makeup and what it does for your face. A good concealer is absolutely necessary. Since I have three kids, meaning sleepless nights on a regular basis, a great concealer is of highest importance for me. However, being over 40 I now realise that I can´t get away with buying just any concealer. For me with rather dry skin, especially under the eyes during the winter months, the concealer needs to be creamy so that it does not creek, which I cannot tolerate in a concealer since it only have the opposite effect of having you look older. Having tested different ones over the last months, here are my five favourites in no particular order. The last one from Estée Lauder is not a classic concealer if we shall go into details, but since this delivers so much moisture and radiating light I often use it as a concealer.