Feb 12, 2014

Online business opportunity

Have you heard about NEURS, the next "big thing" online for social entrepreneurs (bloggers!) launching right now, being mentioned as a hybrid of Facebook and Linkedin but for entrepreneurs online. In the beginning NEURS will use people by invitations only to help growing it. Instead of spending the advertising money on traditional marketing they use affiliates to help spreading the word. I´m an affiliate and I have invites to give out for free so that you too can become a part of the network and become an affiliate. The cost to join is zero and all you have to do is 1) sign up (takes under a minute) and 2) refer the NEUR's site to as few or many friends you want by sending them invitations via e-mail. (You can also get your own free affiliate site once signed up)

According to NEURS signing up this early can result in compensation for referring new friends, so you can take part in this too. Bloggers and Internet publishers or entrepreneurs are ideal since we live and breath the Internet and many of us have a vision of taking e.g our blogging one step further as a business. NEURS is an online platform connecting social media entrepreneurs with each other and experts all over the globe. The founders behind NEURS in Palo Alto in California, Frank Codina and Denis Cauvier, are bestselling authors and business coaches that have worked on this idea over the last two years. You don´t have to pay anything and you only have to refer e-mail invitations further to people you know who might as well be interested in this internet business suitable for everybody.

Interested? Of course, you don´t want to miss out! Sign up directly by going to
just drop me a line with your e-mail adress at innerouterbeautymail@gmail.com and I will happily send you an invite via e-mail. Applicants must sign up within 72 h after receiving invitation via e-mail.

Ps! You can always delete your account later on if you don´t want to stay in the network.

See the informative short film from NEURS here.

[Disclaimer: Beautifulosophy.com does not guarantee any monetary outcome from third part NEURS. This is for information and entertainment purposes only and the only way Beautifulosophy.com is connected to NEURS is being an affiliate.]