Feb 6, 2014

A dreamy home...

Let´s jump into the pool today...
Cosy livingroom for a family of five...
...and the family living in this beautiful house is no less than McDreamy with wife and kids
Let´s go to Malibu for a little while, shall we? In this lovely house resides Patrick Dempsey with wife makeup artist Jillian and their three children. "We were looking for a little land and space, and a house with some architectural significance," the Grey’s Anatomy star says. "The exterior’s simplicity appealed to me, and the inside felt very expansive and calming. Everywhere you looked there was something visually pleasing." See many more photos from this fantastic home and garden in the latest issue of Architectural Digest. 

[Images with permission from Architectural Digest. Photographer Roger Davies]


  1. wow that is just amazing. esp the wall with the pieces of wood on the shelves. amazinggggg.


  2. I saw it the other day… Such a wonderful place and beautiful gardens! Honestly wish it was mine... :)

  3. Caroline, this a very dreamy house... so beautiful and calm looking :)

    Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog lettersfromlaunna.blogspot.com

    I am following you on GFC and Bloglovin :)

  4. Oh I adore Malibu! Did you see the pics I took from the deck at Geoffrey's Malibu last month. Gorgeous views. Now McDreamy and this pad-so cool. I want that pool...right now. ;)
    Happy Weekend!