Jan 8, 2014

In the making of redecoration [MOOD BOARD]

Perfect wall colour, although we´re going for a slightly darker version

January means change. Not only for body/mind/soul but also for the home. We have battled with a livingroom meant to fit a family of five meaning toys, tv-games, a lot of books but also social entertaining area for grown ups. Finally during a car ride of six hours (this is why I love a long drive, because of the long talks:) during Christmas we got it. We´re building a wall in the livingroom next week making a cosy TV room/library for hang out and the other room will be a more grown-up area for socialising. In the TV/library we´re daring to go for a darker colour of duck egg/green/grey...

This is our livingroom in the making...friends recommended us to try out if the wall would fit in the room and exactly where to place it by hanging sheets, which was a great idea to try it out beforehand.

[Images from Pinterest via 1adornedabode.blogspot.se 2 Beautifulosophy.com 3 deringhall.com 4  Pinterest 5 designfile.architecturaldigest.com Photographer Durston Saylor 6 Pinterest]


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see- i love the first picture color wall as well. I think it would also suit the nordic light. I went with white to keep it simple but wish I could have chosen a color but it is hard to match the british light...xx

  2. You picked some of my favorites!!! That gray/green is just stunning!!!

  3. Åh vad spännande!!! Dina moodboard-bilder är superfina. Hoppas vi får se en glimt av det färdiga resultatet sen :) Kram!