Jan 12, 2014

Horoscope for your eh...hair?

Love Olivia Palermo's gorgeous hair
What happens when you combine a psychic and a fashion astrologer? You wind up with hair horoscopes! 
Graceful, practical, elegant, simple, understated. Taurus’ like traditional feminine cuts and colors. Nothing that’s going to take too long to polish off or they’d just prefer to leave it a little undone. A simple, clean look that looks great a tad messy is the perfect style. For a night out, Taurus’s dream is the blow-dry bar. Go ahead, splurge! Make certain you share your vision with your stylist to avoid a communication breakdown. Your hair will thank you.
This is hilarious. And for me as a taurus I must admit it is rather spot on...
Not only do I like to keep it simple, clean and a tad messy on weekdays. For a party I´d love to have bouncy, Hollywood professionally blow-dried hair (this doesn´t mean I get to, most of the time I´ll have to do it myself, which is quiet never the same:) And since I have had (several) communication breakdowns over the years I always make sure to share my vision with my hairdresser by showing photos. What about you and your hair?