Jan 31, 2014

BON Weekend!

This Saturday means gold, glitter or feathers, going to a dinner party that I already know beforehand will be fantastic.

Finally it´s the weekend. I have so looked forward to it. Started my Friday off after a busy work week with a Body Combat class, great way to get the weekend started. Followed that up with a quick shower, rushing to a short business meeting, meeting up with my friends for lunch, followed by grocery shopping for tonight. We´re starting the weekend with an After work by having friends over for red wine and mini pizzas.

Trying different appetisers for tonight. Home made pizza dough is super easy and makes the whole difference. I´m experimenting with doing pizza bianco instead of traditional. Served with red wine. It´s almost snow storm outside so this fits the mood. 
Rachel Zoe in a great cut, length and colour. This week saw me going back to blonde again. Such a relief. I´m not happy with the darker colours I tried out (although I am not this Rachel Zoe blond I must add:) If you want Rachel Zoe's secret tips to the perfect blowout, go here
This beautiful window reminds me of the fact that there will come a spring again. Although it seems far away today with snow precisely everywhere...But Cherry blossom gives me hope.
Wishing you a happy, wonderful weekend with these words, which can be downloaded for free as a poster here.

[All images from Pinterest]