Jan 29, 2014

Beauty philosophies (super models)

Famous old cover from Vogue

The super models are back. Not only are some of them experiencing a revival on the catwalk and in magazines (finally the advertisers have realised that women 35+ is a huge and high consuming group with buying power that don´t identify themselves with 16 year old models but that is another story...). The super models are also back with beauty philosophies for their age of today. Did you know that when Claudia Shiffer stopped eating diary she got nicer skin. And that Helena Christensen swears by Nude Miracle Mask since "it makes your skin look tight and glowing". Tatiana Patitz believes in ageing beautifully and are not a fan of injectables since "you don´t know what they will do to your face in the long run." Cindy Crawford says that women tend to forget taking care of the d├ęcolletage which shows off the age. Read more about the models top products and see full gallery from more super models at Harpers Bazaar.