Jan 10, 2014

"Au naturel" [...MAKEUP]

There is something very beautiful about a natural makeup, and it´s also one of the makeup trends for 2014 (although I personally thinks it´s more important to find what suits you and make you beautiful than being on trend). A really well done natural makeup isn´t exactly "natural" as most of us know. Here is a great tutorial in pictures how to make it and a classic well-known eyeshadow for it.  

I find that Bobbi Brown cosmetics are very well suited for a natural makeup, since this is almost a signature for Bobbi Brown, but of course all other brands are suitable for this look. A good concealer, black mascara (black is more defining than brown) and a great colour in eyeshadow, preferably with a hint of glitter to spice it up. A classic eyeshadow that is known as universally flattering is Stila's eyeshadow in "Kitten", perfect for everyday use. 

[Image from ElfSacks]


  1. I am always looking for natural eye shadows like this one, so thank you for the recommendation! I think my most favourite one ever was by Lancome - I used it for years until they stopped making it. x

  2. I love Bobbi Brown and the images in the tutorial are gorgeous (her eyes are stunning). I have noted the eyeshadow color ;-)

  3. Love this color - and great pics to show how to do it! I am so stuck in my old habits….need to change that.

    Have a fab weekend