Dec 18, 2013

Under the tree...[luxury sheets]

The bedroom. The room of sanctuary and serenity. There is a certain luxury to climb into a bed with newly washed crisp sheets. In search of Christmas present this time of year I just remembered that a set of nice bed linen could be a great Christmas present to almost everyone from children, husband, mom to aunt. I know I would sleep very well on this gorgeous set of beddings from Harrods in dusty pink and white...


  1. Vackert och jag håller med, vackra och sköna lakan gör sömnen bättre.
    Kram Jannike

  2. The first bedroom is something I would love to recreate! Ssooooo restful...x

  3. I so agree with you. I just love that feeling of slipping into a bed made with cool, fresh cotton sheets ;-)