Dec 9, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | [Know the future trends]

The great magazine Entrepreneur has just published the 10 trends for 2014 for us to keep up with and sums them up to:"We seek imperfect, human moments. With our smart phones at the ready."
Here are four of the trends to look out for according to Entrepreneur. Read the whole article with full list of ten trends here

Perfection is overdone As technology makes our daily lives more precise, curated and busy, we lust for the imperfect, the slightly off-kilter, the quirky, the human essence in experiences and objects.
Faster, faster, faster We are in the midst of what Mack has called “the age of impatience.” Customers expect more, faster and more conveniently than ever before. And, we are growing increasingly impulsive.
Talk with pictures With a personal camera, video camera and computer in our hands all day long every day, we Instagram our breakfast, Vine our walk to work, Tweet pictures of our friends at dinner and post pictures on Facebook of our living room redecoration.
We all just want to be zen As we get busier and busier and busier, and our smartphones -- and therefore our connectivity to the world -- follows us from the office to the car to the train to the home and back again, we all are looking for how to stay calm. Living in the moment isn’t just for the yoga studio anymore. Example: Virgin Atlantic had meditation gurus develop videos to stream on its flights teaching consumers how to sleep and stay calm when they are bored.

[Text source Entrepreneur Magazine. Image from Pinterest]