Dec 3, 2013

Home to a fashion entrepreneur [Elin Kling]

Curious about how a world known fashion blogger/stylist/magazine editor/entrepreneur who sold her site to Condé Nast before hitting 30 years old styles her home? The very successful (and yes, she´s also beautiful) Swedish Elin Kling is now selling her apartment in Stockholm. Have at look at her home at one of my favourite blogs My Scandinavian Home. It´s more serene and minimalistic than I thought...

[Images via 1 Pinterest 2 My Scandinavian Home via Per Jansson]


  1. Thisis such a beautiful home! Thank you for your lovely words about my blog :) /Niki

  2. Love the preview - off to see the rest. :) Thank you for sharing! x

  3. i love all the white. it is so gorgeous. i cant wait to take a peek at the rest of her home!



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