Nov 27, 2013

Set the table [and give THANKS]

Clean, stylish and a delicious smell of the season

It´s soon time to give thanks, although we all know being grateful is something we should practice everyday...In Sweden we actually don´t celebrate Thanksgiving at all, like all you American readers do. But since being grateful for good friends being such a good reason per se to throw a dinner party, we´re doing it anyway.

Here is an excellent step by step guide how to make these cute rosemary wreath place cards
Spray it in gold - always stylish
Calm, simple and beautiful
Wether hosting a small or big dinner party, the table setting is nice to put some effort into. Maybe a theme. I´m thinking GOLD this year...So, for now I´m leaving you with these inspirational photos of how to set the table in Thanksgiving style...

[Photos from Pinterest via 1Pinterest  2