Nov 20, 2013

Blankets for winter [Cuddle up]

With the upcoming winter season I´m thinking blankets. I´m currently searching for a blanket for my reading sofa a k a no sticky fingers sofa... 
The classic Hermès blanket


I love the feel of a cosy blanket to throw over when watching TV, reading a good book or a glossy magazine. Preferably with a cup of chai tea to it. (I´m loving the "Yogi tea Classic organic" with it's short but very thoughtful messages accompanying every tea bag.) There are so many gorgeous blankets and throws to choose from, either in store or online. The classic Hermès Avalon blanket is made of wool and cashmere, and is an investment blanket. The gorgeous aqua green throw is from Cocozy. It is reversible and is made of cotton knit jacquard. The cosy grey and cream blanket is from Urbanara and is a real warmer made of 100% Scandinavian wool. This will also make for great Christmas gifts for many. Remember that when ordering online one should be out in good time, although today many stores ship very fast. I love ordering online since there are too many people in the shops during the few weekends before Christmas. Nowadays even the holiday spirit and decorations can be bought online, and I´m slowly starting already with a few decorations here and there in the home. I say it´s for the children...