Nov 8, 2013

A Grand experience [BLISS at SPA]

So beautiful and peaceful 
You know I love a good spa, and who doesn´t? I especially love a tranquil luxury spa in the middle of a busy city. This is exactly what the Nordic Spa & Fitness at Grand Hôtel Stockholm is. If you live in Stockholm I must say this is the perfect day spa, since this will really check you out from the daily life in both body and mind, and this exactly what I did last week. 
The pool is gorgeous and has the perfect temperature, not too cold that is... Notice the fire for the cosy and comforting feeling. 
This mosaic wall is really a piece of art. It´s made after a photo from the Stockholm archipelago.
This is the bubble bath, which you can spend a whole lot of time in. This time I sat all by myself for 30 minutes.  Last time I stayed over at the Grand Hôtel with my girlfriends we sat there much longer than an´s that nice.
The pool is just gorgeous. 
All the products from e.g Jurlique can of course be found in the spa shop.

I´ve been to Nordic Spa & Fitness at Grand Hôtel several times before with my husband or friends. This time I went by myself and was treated to the lovely Grand Nordic Restart, which starts with heavy dry brushing all over the body followed by a fantastic herb wrap to increase circulation and give the skin a deep luster. This is then put to work for a while. This was pure bliss. During this time I got the most amazing massage for the scalp. Normally I´m actually not that found of massage, but this was all lovely and extremely relaxing. Then you head over to your own little private steam sauna, where you let it all in for another five to ten minutes and then wash it off. After that it´s back on the bench for a relaxing hand and feet massage. The therapist I had was one of the best I´ve ever had. The Nordic Spa & Fitness also has the most amazing interior. I think that is actually rather important for the total relaxation and experience of a spa. This is pure luxury in every detail, with a well thought touch of the Swedish heritage. I didn't think it could be that relaxing with just a few hours here, but it was, even more than I expected.