Oct 28, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | Making lists for happiness

I got these inspirational note pads by Ben's Garden from a friend who picked them up in New York

Can the simple act of making a list boost your happiness? Yes, says Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Gretchen Rubin makes lists on all kinds of subjects like;

Things That Arouse a Fond Memory of the Past, Things That Cannot Be Compared, 
Rare Things, Pleasing Things, Things That Give a Clean Feeling, Things That One Is in a Hurry to See or to Hear, People Who Look Pleased with Themselves, and, another of my very favorites, from the title alone, People Who Have Changed As Much As If They Had Been Reborn

Only ones imagination puts a stop what to write a list about. Making lists of this sort is a terrific exercise to stimulate the imagination, heighten powers of observation, and stoke appreciation of the everyday details of life. Just reading these lists makes me happier says Gretchen Rubin. Read more on her blog. And start doing your own little lists.