Oct 11, 2013

On the road again...[TO HAMBURG]

The "Bathing beauty" - a very cool art installation in the water of Alster this summer
This weekend my husband and I are taking a little road trip. You know we loove a good road trip. This time we´re heading for Hamburg in Germany. This is what we´re going to do.

Sip coffee outside in the sunshine (of course the sun will shine:)
This is the Rathaus place in Hamburg
Good food and wine are essential on our weekend trips
Go shopping day time, dress up for dinner in the evening
Also a must visit when in Hamburg is the store of Jo Malone for its' lovely perfumes 

We´ve been to Hamburg lots of times and have had time to find our own favourites in the city. But this time we´re going together with six close friends, all leaving the children safe at home. What we´ll be doing? Well, the idea for the trip started on the golf course so the men will probably continue to talk golf. But we´ll also be staying in a great hotel (as hotel junkie I have high hopes and will tell you all about it later), have lunch in one of our favourite restaurants, drink Champagne in the afternoon, hit all the great shops of Hamburg, indulge in the spa at our hotel for a few hours and head out for dinner in a trendy restaurant we´ve never been to, but is said to promise "splendid food and great people watching" (those were our exact demands). Hope you´re having a wonderful weekend as well and next week I will tell you all about the weekend in Hamburg and shower you with my photos and tips. 

[Images from Pinterest folder Travel & hotels]