Oct 17, 2013

Favourite spots for lunch and shopping [HAMBURG]

This block in Hamburg has great shopping and great restaurants for lunch
Last weekend was spent in Hamburg with friends. It was a perfect weekend in all ways. Since we´ve been there before several times we knew where we wanted to eat, where to shop and where to stay. On Saturday we went for a shopping stroll (in the rain) and then had a long lunch in one of our favourite restaurants. 

Canals everywhere with restaurants

My friend Hanne of Strawberry Sky at the entrance of the lunch restaurant Die Bank
A very classic (and steady) shopping lunch; steak frites with béarnaise and rosé wine

Hanne trying on her latest shopping find, the essential Missoni turban...
A nod to the old bank
The dining room is very spacious and airy

Unger Fashion store has many favourite brands
The restaurant Die Bank, located in an old vault hence the name, is perfectly situated in the shopping area in central Hamburg and close to the main shopping street Neuer Wall where all the big brands have their flagship stores. The foods is classic brasserie food, always good, along with a super nice staff. Since it´s a safe bet, perfectly located and great for people watching we tend to come here again and again. After lunch we headed out for some more shopping, since the stores are mainly open to 5 or 6 pm on Saturdays (but all closed on Sundays). One of my favourite stores in Hamburg is Unger on Neuer Wall, which has many brands in two stocks and über friendly staff happy to assist you and treat you to something to drink while shopping. They also have a great handbag department. In the late afternoon we headed back to the hotel for some spa time before dinner. Next time I´ll tell you about the hotel we stayed in and recommend a great restaurant for the evening.