Oct 15, 2013

Beauty according to the lipstick queen

I´m loving the fresh take on beauty from lipstick queen Poppy King who told Into the Gloss; 

"I´m confident that I´m doing the best I can. Do I feel beautiful? No. But I feel all sorts of other things instead, like exuberant and glamorous. It´s a process of trying to work with what I´ve got, and represent who I really am: mind, body and soul."

Read the whole interview with Poppy King and have a look at her shelf what she uses on Into the Gloss.


  1. Love the sensible berry shade very much! And such a sweet and beautiful chart! x

  2. Vilken tur att jag har den där sensible Berry shade för jobbintervju es jag ska iväg på en im :)

  3. I love the last paragraph where she talks about not being critical of other women's appearance. Finding one beautiful thing about every woman she sees. It's a wonderful practice!!