Oct 19, 2013

An evening in Tarantella [HAMBURG]

Last Saturday evening was spent in restaurant Tarantella in Hamburg. This was a new experience for us, having tried many other good restaurants in Hamburg. Tarantella however quickly became a new favourite. Our criteria were splendid food and great people watching. 

This could possibly be one of the best carpaccios I´ve ever tasted, having a crispy and creamy langoustine tartar in the middle, which was a fantastic adding to a classical course.
Sashimi which was great presented and had great sauces to it (which I apparently completely forgot to photograph:)

Another great presentation, lemons for the fish
Oysters, not my cup of tea actually but I was told these were great
Since we had many different courses we needed both red and white wine, why limit oneself ...
The milieu was great for a night out with good friends and food
I think Tarantella delivered on just about everything, with friendly staff in a great setting and the food was really fabulous. Will definitely visit again. Tschüss!

[All these rather horrible photos were taken by me with iPhone...except for #1 which is from Pinterest]


  1. Not only does the food look delicious but it's so beautifully presented which always impresses me.

  2. What a place! Looks fab and the food outstanding.

    I missed you and your gorgeous blog SO much. I am back in business now ;)


  3. How fabulous does this look! Would love an evening in a place like that!

  4. It looks amazing! Last Saturday we finally went for the gourmet section in Alsterhaus! We were so focused on our shopping that we just made a little stop. But it was great! A little bit of vitello tonnato, an amazing cheese plate and real nice chocolate to finish! But we will be visiting these restaurants you've recommended soon enough!